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Gavin McCollam, Benevolent Grand Pooh-Bah: Gavin lives in North Dakota. He loves the Kansas City Royals, Zippo Lighters, Kansas City Royals Zippo Lighters, Buck Knives, The Proclaimers, The North Dakota State Bison, the 'Ganza, and pretzel sticks. He also enjoys the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. He co-founded the 'Ganza in 1985 with Dan Sipes. Send Gavin some e-mail at PoohBah at Ganza dot com.
Dan Sipes, Deputy Pooh-Bah: Dan lives in North Dakota. He loves Myst, golf, Dr. J, renting movies, the 'Ganza, and pretzel sticks. Dan doesn't read much, but he does like to flip through golf and computer magazines. He co-founded the 'Ganza in 1985 with Gavin McCollam. One thing Dan does NOT love to do is to update his company biography, which is why obsolete items such as Myst and computer magazines are still noted. Send Dan some e-mail at DeputyPooh at Ganza dot com.
Bill Berger, Director of Operations: Bill loves being a Denver Broncos fan living in Seattle. He also loves the University of Massachusetts, the Oregon State Beavers, the 'Ganza, and eating a handful of pretzel sticks he bought with his BGP Enterprises issued credit card. He enjoys reading continental philosophy, and was named Director of Operations in 1995 partly due to his affinity for continental philosophy. The bright spot of Bill's time at BGP Enterprises is throwing spit wads at the Deputy and refilling the Pooh-Bah's inkwell.
  Note: Although it looks like the BGP Brass are puffing away on cigars, they are not. You see, not one of them has matured much beyond the sixth grade level, and they are pretending to smoke pretzel sticks. BGP Enterprises does not condone the smoking of cigars by minors -- or the smoking of pretzel sticks for that matter.


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