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When the tournament bracket is announced in March, check the 'Ganza home page to be directed to the 'Ganza Entry Bracket. There will be a different bracket for new members and returning members, so be sure to select the correct one.

For returning members, make sure to enter your 'Ganza ID number in the appropriate box on the entry form. You will be directed to a page to find your ID number before you use the bracket page.

Once you reach the correct bracket, it is quite straightforward. Make sure your name and state are entered, as well as your e-mail address. NOTE: You MUST use your name, not a screen name or "handle." Also, valid e-mails are required. We will reject all entries that contain bogus e-mail addresses. Please be assured that BGP Enterprises will only use your name and e-mail address for 'Ganza related correspondence. ANOTHER NOTE: Only ONE entry allowed per person. If we receive multiple entries under the same 'Ganza ID number, we will use the latest received entry as the official entry.

To enter your picks,  simply click the teams you think will win each game. You may click "Print Bracket" to obtain a physical representation of your picks if you want to. Click the "Submit Picks" button to send your entry to BGP Enterprises. 

After you submit your entry, you should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive one within minutes of submitting your entry,  please contact us before resubmitting and we will try to help you out. Sometimes our automated e-mail messages are blocked by ISP's due to spam filters.


Scoring Rules

Rather than award increasing points for a certain team progressing through the tournament, the Extravaganza awards points based on how accurately you predict where each team finishes in the tournament. For example, in a typical pool, you might earn one point when Kentucky wins their first game, then two points when they win their second game, etc. This method awards players for being close, for although you might have picked Kentucky to win and they were actually the runner-up, you were still given points for Kentucky's wins in their first five games. In the Extravaganza, you earn seven points for correctly picking the winner, six points for correctly picking the runner-up, five points for each correct 3rd place finisher, and so on down to one point for each team you correctly predict to lose in the first round. Using Kentucky as an example again, if you picked them to win the tournament, and they finished as runner-up, you get no points at all. Although this scoring system seems awkward at first, we have found that it not only reduces tie scores, it is "the real prognosticator's" way of scoring a bracket. See below for a sample of the 'Ganza scoring method:


Actual Bracket, 1996 East Region

Pooh-Bah's Picks, 1996 East Region

Actual Bracket Pooh-Bah's Picks

In the above example, using 'Ganza scoring, the Pooh-Bah earned 11 points in the east region. He earned them as follows:

7 first round points
One point each for Central Florida, Bradley, Monmouth, New Orleans, N Illinois, Kansas St, and MS Valley St finishing in a tie for 33rd place.

4 second round points
Two points each for Stanford and New Mexico finishing in a tie for 17th place.

0 third round points
The Pooh-Bah thought Marquette and Georgetown would finish in a tie for 9th place, when it was actually Arkansas and Texas Tech.

0 fourth round points
Even though U Mass won the regional final, the Pooh-Bah didn't earn any points because he thought North Carolina would finish in a tie for 5th, and it was actually Georgetown.


In the case of a first place tie, the player who has the best result from the highest tie-breaker is awarded the Coveted Ostertag Plaque. Tie-breakers 2, 4, 6, and 8 are also used to break ties in the final standings.

  1. Picked the champion

  2. Total points in final four round

  3. Teams in final four

  4. Total points in fourth round

  5. Teams in final eight

  6. Total points in third round

  7. Teams in sweet sixteen

  8. Total points in second round

  9. Coin flip

  10. Bribe amount.

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