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Do I have to pay to be in the `Ganza? NO!!!. We used to receive $1.00 per participant each year to be a member of the 'Ganza. Now, from deep within the goodness of his large heart, the Benevolent Grand Pooh-Bah has benevolently and grandly decided to allow free membership to all participants. 

How many entries can I submit into the 'Ganza? Please submit only one entry per person. Entering multiple times under different names undermines the fun individuality of the 'Ganza. More details on 'Ganza entry is available on the rules page.

I'm concerned about privacy and want to enter under a screen name or a handle instead of my real name. Can I do that? Sorry, you can't. We require all participants to use their real name and to enter a valid e-mail address. Part of the attraction of the 'Ganza is it's small town feel. We refer to each other by our real names, and we like to keep track of which states are represented. It's hard for the BGP Brass and other prognosticators to "connect" with names like "bballhugefan#2" and the like. Nobody from BGP Enterprises is going to contact you unless it's a 'Ganza related item, and we DO NOT sell e-mail addresses.

Is there an age requirement to enter the 'Ganza? All we ask is that all prognosticators be of sufficient age to make their own picks. It's no fun if prognosticators enter multiple times under different names -- this is contrary to the fun spirit of the 'Ganza.

If I don't get any money for winning the `Ganza, what do I get? The prognosticator who scores the most points in the `Ganza is awarded the Ostertag Plaque, which is quickly becoming one of the most coveted items in sports. It is often mentioned in the same sentences as the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup (especially if you read this sentence out loud). It, and it only, signifies to all who see it that the owner has triumphed in the nationwide Basketball Tournament Prediction Extravaganza.

There are tons of internet pools out there that have snazzy graphics and big prize money. Why should I enter the 'Ganza? There are two main things the `Ganza has going for it that other contests, like those run by CBS and ESPN, do not have. First, of course, is the access you have to the founders and facilitators of the 'Ganza. Do you think the president of CBS Sportline or Yahoo! Sports or ESPN will accept your Facebook friend request? Neither do we. Second is the statistics. In the "big" pools, all you can do is go on the web and see your score and how it compares to a million others. If you are a `Ganza prognosticator, we keep all statistics in our historical database. We have records, averages, power ratings, and wimp factors, which carry over from year to year. All these statistics and archives combine to make the `Ganza an enjoyable prognosticating experience. 

Why did you name your award "The Ostertag Plaque?" The Ostertag Plaque was named in honor of Greg Ostertag, former University of Kansas player. The award was named in 1993, when the Jayhawks were playing North Carolina in the final four. In that game, which Kansas lost, Ostertag battled hard underneath the entire game with Tar Heels' center Eric Montross. Ostertag's grit and determination epitomize the 'Ganza philosophy. Plus, we all got a great chuckle when, at one point, Ostertag fell to the floor and looked kind of silly. As a group of `Ganza Prognosticators gathered around the set, the Pooh-Bah said, "That's it! The Ostertag Plaque!" I guess you had to have been there.

Okay, I'm willing to give the `Ganza a try. How do I enter? There are a few simple steps, detailed on the rules page. Basically all you need to is use the on-line bracket page to send us your picks.

I don't understand your scoring method. Can you explain it, please? Of course. Rather than award increasing points for a certain team progressing through the tournament, the Extravaganza awards points based on how accurately you predict where each team finishes in the tournament. For example, in a typical pool, you might earn one point when Kentucky wins their first game, then two points when they win their second game, etc. This method awards players for being close, for although you might have picked Kentucky to win and they were actually the runner-up, you were still given points for Kentucky's wins in their first five games. In the Extravaganza, you earn seven points for correctly picking the winner, six points for correctly picking the runner-up, five points for each correct 3rd place finisher, and so on down to one point for each team you correctly predict to lose in the first round. Using Kentucky as an example again, if you picked them to win the tournament, and they finished as runner-up, you get no points at all. Although this scoring system seems awkward at first, we have found that it not only reduces tie scores, it is "the real prognosticator's" way of scoring a bracket. See the rules page for a descriptive sample.

Is the 'Ganza sactioned by, sponsored by, a division of, or remotely related to the National Collegiate Athletic Assocition? No, we are not. If you are still unclear, please refer to the disclaimer in italics at the bottom of this and every 'Ganza web page. 

Who are the people behind BGP Enterprises? Gavin McCollam and Dan Sipes are the co-founders of the 'Ganza, and Bill Berger is Director of Operations (on Hiatus). Check out the bigwig biographies on the Contact Information page.

I have been feeling lonely lately, and need some special attention from a basketball contest facilitator. What should I do? We highly recommend becoming a TRUE Friend of the Pooh-Bah by becoming his Facebook friend. See our home page for links. 

What brand of cigars are you guys smoking in some of your pictures? I believe they are Old Dutch -- pretzel sticks, that is.

How long has the `Ganza been around? We've been around since 1985, and on the internet since 1996. Read more about the `Ganza's colorful past on the `Ganza History page.

If you think of any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.

Copyright 1996 - 2017, BGP Enterprises. The Basketball Tournament Prediction Extravaganza is not sanctioned by, sponsored by, a division of, or even remotely related to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.